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A FRESH Point of View: Salmon Season is Back

Salmon Season is back in full swing.  The season officially begins in mid-April and runs through August.  While spawning season is a much anticipated time for bears and bald eagles, so it is for all of our Freshies.

I find Salmon to be an amazing species.  They are born in fresh water, swim out and wander huge distances in the ocean, then return to the river to spawn, often in the same exact spot of their birthplace.  It’s what I like to think of as Mother Nature’s way of directing traffic in the oceans.

Salmon is one of my favorite fish and is extremely popular among our Freshies.  It is not only an extremely healthy fish, but it also tastes delicious.  It is high in Omega-3 fatty acids which promote heart and brain health.  Eating Salmon has also been credited with helping speed up metabolism or contributing to shiny hair, bright eyes, and healthy skin.

There are 3 major types of Salmon that I bring in fresh to our seafood counter during this time of year – King Salmon, Coho Salmon and Sockeye Salmon.  King Salmon is considered to be the best tasting salmon due to their high fat content and rich flesh.  It is the prize of the industry, however, accounts for only one percent of the harvest. Coho Salmon are sometimes called silver salmon because of their especially silver skin.  They have bright red flesh and a slightly more delicate texture than King Salmon. Sockeye Salmon, or Red Salmon, have a bright red-orange flesh and rich flavor.

Here is one of my favorite recipes for Sockeye Salmon that incorporates this delicious fish as well as a few of our FRESH made seasonings and marinades.  It is as easy as it is delicious.

Asian Grilled Sockeye Salmon
1 lb fresh sockeye salmon fillets (skin on)
2 tsp FRESH Seafood Seasoning (available at the FRESH Seafood Department)
2 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
1 lime
1 tangerine
4 oz FRESH Asian Marinade (available at the FRESH Seafood Department)

Season salmon fillets with the FRESH Seafood Seasoning and brush with olive oil.

Over a medium heated grill, place salmon fillets skin side up over coals to attain grill marks.

Turn fish to skin side down and continue cooking. Squeeze lime and tangerine juice over fillets.

Just before fillets are cooked to desired temperature, coat with half of the marinade and cook 30 seconds to 1 minute more.

Serve hot with remaining Asian Marinade laced over fillets.

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