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Freshie Faves: New Orleans Night

At FRESH, we like to take care of all our Freshies, whether you like to cook or would rather leave the cooking to the professionals. So today’s Freshie Fave, chosen by our FRESH Service Manager, is for the latter group of you – the chef-spectacular known as our New Orleans Night dinners, every Monday in our Taste Kitchen.

New Orleans Night is Amy’s very favorite dining event, she says. That’s because Amy’s mother’s side of the family comes from Louisiana. So anytime she gets a whiff of Creole cooking, she comes running. Especially when that Creole cooking is done by our Seafood Manager, Chef John Peters.

Chef John is also from Louisiana native, and he learned Creole and Cajun cooking from the best – his own family, and in fine kitchens including the legendary Commander’s Palace in New Orleans.  As Amy puts it – how impressive is it when a classically trained chef takes extra care to prepare a special plate of food just for you? And because he cooks in our open Taste Kitchen, you get to watch the master at work.

That’s what happens every Monday night, from 5-7 pm.  One of Amy’s favorite recent dinners was pan-seared flounder served with a citrus capper butter sauce alongside red beans and rice with alligator sausage.

But you never know what he’s going to cook up. It depends on what’s freshest in the market, what’s in season, and what he feels like. For instance, one week, it was your choice of tuna, mahi mahi, or coho salmon, either grilled, pan-fried, blackened or sautéed. He served it  with a crawfish sausage medallion, a rich beurre blanc sauce, Jacksonville purple-hull peas and a couple of delicious crostini, made from our house-baked bread.

Amy sometimes gets two dinners to go and neatly arranges them on her own plates for the perfect dinner for her and her husband. He’s in on the game, so he knows it’s Chef John’s cooking – but if you’re better at keeping a secret, take home a few dinners and convince your family you’ve suddenly become a master chef.