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Freshie Faves: Cymbidium Orchids

I always seem to find my way to our Floral department at least once a day. It never ceases to amazing me the shear variety of new flowers that I discover at our little Floral oasis. I feel like that this area is a hidden treasure that more Freshies need to discover. Many times when I visit the department, I just stare at our designers, hypnotized by their creative motions in full swing.

One of the sweet ladies that staff our Floral department is named Abigail Yoerger. She has admired flowers for awhile now, and even dabbled in floral design with the flowers from her floral garden at home. She had a serendipity moment when filling out her application for FRESH.  There was a small box just begging to be checked to apply to work in the Floral department of FRESH. And of course we were ecstatic to have Abigail become a Floral Freshie!

Abigail has been on a fast track of learning and perfecting her designing expertise during our first year at FRESH. One of her favorite flashbacks is rescuing a panicked bride with no flowers for her wedding day! Yes, as you can imagine this said bride was not far from a Bridezilla state of mind. Just at this moment Abigail sprang into action assembling a bride’s bouquet, bride’s maids handties, gentlemen’s boutonnieres and a center piece.  All the while staying in modest, but ample budget of $500. This was accomplished by part magic, part talent sprinkled with the always stunning and affordable array of fresh flowers at our Floral department.

When I asked Abigail what was her most beloved item at FRESH she promptly answered, the cymbidium orchid. Orchids often times evoke thoughts of delicate beauty.  You have no doubt seen them in arrangements, but some orchids are edible and are even used as stunning garnish. The seed pods and pulp of the vanilla orchid is one of the most delicious byproducts of orchids that produces vanilla extract.

Abigail enjoys weaving cymbidium orchids into arrangements in many unexpected places. She often submerges a few orchids in a vase. Then makes a shallow arrangement to go on top. This creates a layer look. The eye is dazzled from every angle!