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FRESH and Festive: Double The Parties

Why throw one party – when you can throw two in one? That’s our thinking next Saturday, April 21. Go Green at our Earth Day celebration, then stick around and geaux crazy at our authentic crawfish boil.

Geaux Crazy: First up – crawfish. Our wonderful seafood purveyor, Fruge, will bring their specially designed trailer to FRESH, and cook up fresh-off-the-boat crawfish from noon until 6 p.m. on Saturday April 21. Take them home to enjoy, or if you just can’t wait, pull up a chair on our patio and dig in.

We’ll sell them in 3-pound, 5-pound and 10-pound batches, and of course, we’ll have corn and new potatoes, for a real Louisiana-style boil – so bring a crowd of friends.

If you choose to dine with us, you’ll have some mood music to enjoy on our Back Patio:

King Richard and the Bayou Boys will be playing their special brand of Texas blues and roadhouse music – they call it “swampbilly.” Definitely a great soundtrack for a crawfish boil! They’ll rock out from noon-3 p.m. Then, later that evening, Whiskey on the Rocks takes over, playing from 6 to 9 p.m.

Go GREEN: Of course, Earth Day is Sunday, April 22, but we’ll get a jump on things by celebrating Saturday.

We’ll have an efficient car show, featuring many energy-efficient and hybrid vehicles, including the new Chevy Leaf! Come get up close to the new generation of cars and see just how fuel efficiency can be practical and even stylish!

For the eco-minded, we’ll have displays and visitors highlighting local recycling efforts, including our own. And City of Tyler Recycling program folks will be here to help you join the program – and get greener in your everyday life!

Finally, to reward your sustainable efforts – we’ll be giving away a free packet of seeds with the purchase of every Freshie reusable grocery bag.