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Family Central: Edible Easter Baskets

I love the idea of the Easter basket cupcakes I’ve seen in so many food magazines and blogs. The only problem: I don’t know about your kids, but many of my acquaintance are not big on coconut, which virtually every recipe I’ve seen uses as the “grass.”

So I needed a coconut substitute. I found a great one this year in our Easter candy section – an edible, colorful candy “grass.”  It comes in green apple or strawberry flavors, in pastel colors that work wonderfully for this craft.

If you don’t have, or don’t want, to use this candy, just use a combination of frosting and decorator sugar; our directions below make it easy no matter which you choose. Bake up a big batch of cupcakes, get lots of small candies for the top and let kids go to town on the decorations.

Kid-friendly Easter Basket Cupcakes
Food coloring, optional
Edible grass (in our Easter candy display), optional
Sour candy, in strips (like Sour Punch Straws) OR Red licorice strips
1 batch frosting, divided
Decorator sugar, in green
Candy to fill “basket” – miniature jelly beans; M&Ms or Sunspree chocolate candies; malted milk eggs; gummy candies; miniature chocolate bunnies; Skittles; any other miniature candy of your choice

Frost cupcakes generously. Use a knife or a pastry bag to create a “rim” of frosting around the edge, about one-quarter inch high.

Fill top of cupcake with candy “grass,” if using. If not using grass, sprinkle with decorator sugar to create a green base.

Using a wooden or metal skewer, poke two holes on opposite sides of each cupcake slightly away from the edge. Insert sour candy or licorice strip into the holes, creating the basket handle.

Time to decorate! Add jelly beans, chocolate candies, gummies and other candies to finish your basket.

Note: Make it more festive by dividing frosting into four equal portions. Leave one white; color the other three portions pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow or green.