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Well and Good: Dr. Hauschka Holistic Skincare

I really like Dr. Hauschka’s approach to skincare. This German company not only believes in all-natural, holistic skincare products, but it believes that beauty is more than skindeep.

Rare among beauty companies, Dr. Hauschka actually recommends that to get the best out of their skincare products, you should follow a healthy lifestyle, with a wholesome diet, plenty of exercise and meditation/relaxation.

It’s a practical approach, and it is in keeping with this company’s roots. Dr. Hauschka was founded in 1967, as the beauty and skincare division of a holistic medical company called WALA Heilmittel. To this day, their products are all made with all-natural, organic ingredients, including wild-harvested plants and herbs, and natural minerals. They do not use artificial preservatives, and they package everything in a no-nonsense, user-friendly way. (Many of the creams come in a metal tube that you can tightly squeeze to get every bit of product out; they even sell a tube wringer to help you use every drop.)

Plus, these products just feel good on the skin. The Dr. Hauschka lotions, cleansers and toners smell fresh and natural, and feel light and non-greasy on the skin. I have several favorite products in this line:

Toned Day Cream – This tinted moisturizer blends beautifully into the skin, and helps balance and even out skin tone. It’s sheer enough to work on many different skin tones, and but blends well enough that you may be able to skip your foundation makeup. I use this every morning!

Lip Care Stick – A non-greasy moisturizer that keeps lips soft and supple; I use this one every day, too.

Daily Face Care Kit – This combination of travel-sized products is a good way to try out new products; the kit includes small containers of cleanser, toner, and several kinds of day cream. But the neat design and carrying case also make it ideal for travel; the whole tin will fit in one of those quart-size plastic bags that you can toss into your carry-on.