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Well and Good: Alternative Pizzas

Pizza has become such an all-American favorite that it’s hard to imagine living without it. But for people who can’t eat wheat or dairy, because of illnesses or allergies, pizza is one of those foods on the no-fly zone.

But we have been expanding our selection of gluten-free and dairy-free pizzas. So if you, or a family member, have been avoiding this treat, here are some options to make it pizza night again. All are available in our frozen section:

Conte’s: Known for its gluten-free pastas, Conte’s also makes some delicious ready-to-bake pizzas, with a tender gluten-free crust made with rice flour. We like the margherita pizza _tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, roasted garlic and a dash of olive oil – because the whole family enjoys it. For more sophisticated tastes, there is a mushroom Florentine variety, with spinach and roasted garlic. (Note: these pizzas do contain real cheese, so may not be an option for the lactose intolerant or vegans.)

Amy’s: Is there anything Amy’s doesn’t do well? They have introduced a “cheese-only” version of their popular spinach vegan pizza – understanding that kids love pizza but aren’t always big fans of the green veggie. This one is gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan, with a nicely textured rice-flour crust, flavorful tomato sauce and a topping of soy-based “cheese.”  They produce our favorite gluten-free crust of the lot – nicely textured, with a bit of a whole-grain taste.

Tofurkey: If you like the Tofurkey brand of meat alternatives, you will love the fact that they’ve introduced vegan pizzas. Available varieties include pepperoni and “Italian sausage” with fire-roasted veggies – both with a really delicious vegan “cheese” that  actually melts. These do contain gluten, in the whole-wheat crust.

Nature’s Hilights Brown Rice Crust: Make your own gluten-free with this ready-to-bake crust – made with brown rice but no yeast, wheat or gluten. It bakes up crisp and light, with a mild flavor that will let your toppings stand out.