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Well and Good: 5 Pharmacy Facts

At the FRESH pharmacy, we don’t want to just be the place where you pick up prescriptions – although, yes, we want to make it as convenient as possible for you to do just that.

What we really want is to be your hometown pharmacy, the place you turn to for advice, where you get health and wellness help, and where we all know your name (and any special medical needs.)

When you come in, you can almost always speak with either me or David McIntire, the other full-time FRESH pharmacist. And as we celebrate our first birthday, let me remind you of some other special services we offer:

Health screenings:  To help keep you healthy and on track, we offer screenings for cholesterol, glucose and body fat composition. Fast and convenient!

Vaccination program: We go way beyond the flu shot. Our vaccination program includes tetanus, pneumonia, hepatitis A and B, meningococcal and shingles. No appointment necessary! (Though, it’s best to call first to make sure the vaccination you need will be available.)

Help the medicine go down: We’ll flavor children’s liquid medications, no extra charge, to make it easier for kids to swallow. Our special flavoring agents are sugar-free and include more than 10 kid-friendly flavors like grape, banana and bubblegum; just ask for it when dropping off your prescription.

Prescription plan: Save money on the medicines you use most, with our FRESH Prescription plan. Under the plan, more than 200 popular generic and brand-name drugs are just $3.99 to $9.99 per prescription – a great savings, especially if you aren’t carrying insurance or your insurance does not cover all prescription drugs. Many popular medications, including antibiotics, blood-pressure meds, antidepressants and thyroid medications, are included. There’s a $10 fee to join the program, but under our current promotion, you’ll get a $10 gift card just for signing up!

Transfer promotion: Still haven’t made the switch? Here’s your chance. Through March 13, we’re offering a $15 gift card for a new or transferred prescription from another pharmacy. (This offer does not include Brookshire’s or Super1 pharmacies, and other restrictions may apply; visit us at the FRESH pharmacy to find out more!)