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Freshie Faves: House-Made Breakfast Sausage

Our FRESH partners don’t just think of their jobs as a job; they see a chance to share their love of food with the world. So from time to time, I like to check in with our partners to see their personal favorites. (And it’s always something good!)

Today, let’s talk with Jeremy Brewer. He knows FRESH inside out; as our trainer, he is the guy who helps teach all our FRESH partners all about the wonders of food, and how we do things around here.

Jeremy loves trying food of all kinds, but his very favorite item right now is our FRESH House-Made Maple Apple Sausage, available at our Market counter.

Jeremy loves the mild, sweet taste of this sausage, especially when he bites into a chunk of fresh apple, which creates a pleasing contrast with the rich pork sausage.

In fact, Jeremy likes this sausage so much, he overcame a pretty steep learning curve on cooking it. You see, Jeremy had never cooked sausage before. His first attempt was perhaps a little on the overcooked side. (Oh, let’s just say it: He burned them to a nice black crisp.)

But the aroma was so enticing, he just had to try again. The second time was the charm – and this sausage has been his morning favorite ever since. (He’s also learned that because of the slight sugar content in these sausages,  you do have to be a little more careful about scorching these than some other sausages.)

The Maple Apple sausage is one of the most popular of the sausage varieties we hand-make fresh in our Market department. (Turkey brats with roasted sundried tomatoes, hot Italian sausage with parmesan, sweet Italian with spinach and feta – should I go on?) The sweet-savory combo of the maple and apples makes this one an especially good bet with pancakes, waffles or other sweet breakfast food.

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