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FRESH and Festive: Try These Cheeses!

So you’re looking for a cheese to serve with wine or crackers this weekend, or you want to add a cheese course to a special meal. What are you going to get?

Well, you know you can always ask one of our cheesemongers for a suggestion – or a sample. Or, just head right to the cheese department and try one of my current three favorites:

Midnight Moon: This is an aged goat milk cheese, so even if you think you don’t like goat cheese, you should try this one. The aging process gives it a firmer texture and a smoother, more mellow flavor. It is buttery and nutty and doesn’t have that tangy bite you may have tasted with typical goat cheese. It comes from a California company, Cypress Grove.

Taleggio: This is a lesser-known Italian cheese that is creamy, smooth, and mild – soft but not really spreadable, and delicious all by itself. It’s what’s known as a “washed-rind” cheese, which means that as it matures, cheesemakers rub the rind with a brine, which helps the cheese remain moist and develop a good flavor.

No Woman:  This one takes its name from the Bob Marley song, No Woman No Cry, so you can guess the flavor here – a strong, spicy Jamaican jerk seasoning, with traditional Caribbean-flavored undertones like clove, in a nice, firmer-textured cheese.  The cheese comes from an artisan cheesemaker, Beecher’s, which was founded in Seattle. Beecher’s gives a percentage of its sales to its own Flagship Foundation, which teaches kids how to make healthy eating decisions.