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FRESH and Festive: Spring Flower Faves

What better way to celebrate spring than with some fresh spring flowers? We have lots of seasonal blooms coming into the floral department, just in time for Easter and spring entertaining. With the expert advice below from our award winning floral designer, Shellie Jacob, you can confidently follow these tips to brighten up your home or party for spring:

Wheatgrass: I love the natural look of bright-green wheatgrass in an arrangement or tablescape, especially if you add in a few spring blooms, like tulips or other bulb flowers. For an Easter arrangement, pastel Easter eggs create a festive look.

Bubble vases: A contained, composed arrangement in a round bubble bowl looks fresh for spring: Use a few stems of curly willow, and a few flower heads, keeping the entire arrangement within the bowl, for a clean, modern look.

Bulbs and other seasonal flowers: Stay seasonal with beautiful bulb flowers – daffodils, iris, tulips – especially in the colors of spring like yellow, pale pink and lavender. This time of year, I also like peonies – an heirloom flower our grandmothers loved, that is very trendy once again. Finally, for Easter, there’s nothing like the traditional Easter lily; we carry the double stalk lilies. To keep your Easter lily looking fresh longer, remove the stamen from the bloom; it will give you a few extra days of beauty.

Blooming branches: Pussy willows, redbud, dogwood and other blooming branches are wonderful for adding a fresh, natural look to any arrangement. If the branch is not blooming when you purchase it, here’s how to coax out the blooms: Beat the branch with a hammer! Really! You need to whack the branch at the base, hard, several times, and this will help the buds burst into blooms. You can also whittle the base of the branch to achieve a similar blooming result.

Tulip tips: Tulips are the rare flowers that keep growing after they’ve been cut. (So do hyacinths, by the way.)  So, for both tulips and hyacinths, select a vase that is slightly larger than you think you need, s0 the flowers don’t outgrow the container! Also, tulips tend to grow toward the light. If you like a formal arrangement with tulips standing tall and straight, place them under a direct light. For a more natural, looser arrangement, you can place them with a light source to the side.

Longer-lasting flowers: No matter what flowers you choose, you can get a few more days of vase life out of them if you handle them carefully and quickly. One important tip: As soon as you trim the stem of any flower, immerse it in water immediately; don’t let it sit on the counter while you hunt for a vase or decide how to arrange it. You want the cut stem to start absorbing water right away, not air; the water helps it stay fresh and beautiful longer!