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FRESH and Festive: Easter Basket Goodies

Putting together Easter baskets is one of my favorite rituals of spring, and I know I’m not the only one; many of my friends continue giving Easter baskets to their kids, long after they’re past the “traditional” age of Easter bunnies and egg hunts.

Our Easter goodies this year give you lots of interesting, unique candies, treats and crafts, whether you’re making a traditional basket for a toddler or surprising a teenager. Come browse our selection,  centrally located at the edge of frozen foods and chips, and right on the way to the main checkout:

For a traditional basket: Every traditional basket should start with a big chocolate bunny – and we have several, including a whimsical cowboy bunny that stands over a foot tall. From there, add whimsical goodies like Jelly Belly “peas and carrots” and colorful lollipops adorned with bunnies, chicks and birds. I also love the Hello Kitty and Peter Rabbit candy pops on a stick, and the Madeleine- themed truffles –caramel, milk chocolate and peanut butter. Finally, add something for the recipient to do or make – like the packet of decorate-yourself Easter lollipops, with icing and edible decorations that the child can attach him or herself.

For a nature-lover’s basket:  Start with edible “grass”  – strawberry or green apple flavor – instead of that plastic grass. Then, add some healthier, alternative treats, like chocolatey sunflower seeds, coated in pastel or bright candy shells. To fill out a natural basket, head to the bulk department, where you’ll find lots of healthier treats: Organic gummy bears, colored with natural vegetable, fruit and spice dyes instead of artificial colorants. Yummy Earth organic lollipops – gluten free, vegan and naturally flavored and colored pops made with real fruit extracts. Sunspree chocolate candies , also with candy shells made with natural dyes, in plain and peanut flavors. Round it out with chocolate covered raisins, yogurt almonds or chocolate almonds.

For the chocolate-lovers’ basket:  For teens, older kids and sophisticated palates, go all chocolate. You can never go wrong with Godiva eggs or truffles, or a delicious truffle egg. To fill up this basket, sneak over to the candy aisle and pick up some additional gourmet chocolates.  We’ve recently added some additional bars from Vosges, the luxury chocolatier that makes some of the most interesting flavors you’ll find. In addition to the perennial best seller, Mo’s chocolate bacon bar, look at some of these flavors: Black Pearl (ginger, wasabi, black sesame seeds and dark chocolate); Naga (sweet Indian curry and coconut in creamy milk chocolate); and Goji (pink Himalayan salt and goji berries in darker milk chocolate.) You just might have to pick up one, or three, for yourself.