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Freshie Faves: EVOL Burritos and Flatbreads

Did the world really need another frozen burrito or a new kind of frozen pizza?  I maybe would have thought it did not, until I tried some of the EVOL products recently.

Their burritos, pizzas and flatbreads  have been praised by the likes of Bon Appetit, Cooking Light and O, the Oprah magazine. They are made with all kinds of organic, natural, non-modified and gourmet-sounding  things like free-range chicken, roasted corn salsa and farmhouse goat cheese.

And they have a really interesting story. This stuff was created by a Colorado rock-climber turned chef and burrito entrepreneur. Just a couple years ago, his food was discovered and brought into the big time by a team that included a guy who was once a contestant on Survivor.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – but so, how do they taste?

Well, not like they were frozen, for starters.

The flatbreads and pizza have a thin, light, crispy crust, and toppings that suggest an upscale bistro. I liked the goat cheese, pesto and portabello mushroom flatbread the best, but the chicken-spinach-ricotta pizza won with other members of the family. (FRESH’s frozen section also carries the BBQ chicken flatbread and the grilled chicken and veggie one.)

As for the burritos, the best I’ve tried so far was the chicken, bean and rice, with Monterey jack cheese, a slightly spicy tomato/corn salsa and chunks of chicken and pinto beans in a flour tortilla. A close second was the bean-rice-cheese, a good vegetarian option. For a really fast meal, you can microwave the burritos and they’re done in a couple minutes, but if you have the time, I think they are better wrapped in foil and baked in the oven for an hour or so.

Oh, and about the name: I had an argume – er, discussion – about this in the frozen-foods aisle, but, yes, it is supposed to be “Love” spelled backwards. The name apparently came about because people just love this stuff.  Or because they have an EVOL plot to take over the world. Whatever. It’s good stuff.