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Family Central: Fresher Pet Food

Raise your hand if you consider your dog or cat part of your family. We do – down to spoiling them with Christmas presents.

I draw the line, however, at cooking for them, even though that has been the trendy thing for pet owners for a while now. Some days I barely have time to cook for myself,  much less my furry ones.

That doesn’t mean I don’t care about giving them healthy food that they like. So I was really interested to see a line of pet food we recently started carrying, Freshpet.

Freshpet foods are meat-based and made with just a few ingredients – like you’d use for any other family member. They do not contain corn, wheat or other cheap, nutritionally questionable fillers or byproducts.

But what is really different about them is that the manufacturer chills them right after cooking. This keeps the food fresher and eliminates the need for artificial preservatives and colors that are often used in dog and cat foods. They are kept in their own refrigerated case at the store, right in our pet food aisle.

The packaging is cool, too. I really liked the slice-and-serve rolls –  you just cut off a hunk, mash it slightly, and serve.  They also have regular wet formula dog and cat foods, in resealable plastic containers that resemble Tupperware; moist kibble, in resealable plastic bags; and DogJoy treats, including crunchy brown rice “bones.”

The ones we’ve tried don’t have that off-putting smell I associate with some wet pet foods. And our doggie taste-tester really seemed to like the chicken, rice and veggie flavor (from the slice-and-serve roll) that he tried, too.  At least, he seemed to. He was too busy horking it down to answer my questions.