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A FRESH Point of View: From the Market – Certified Angus Beef

When it comes to meat, “best” is subjective. To you, it might mean the most tender, buttery prime cut of steak. To your best friend, health considerations might be more important, so she may go for grass-fed beef, or all-natural chicken.

That’s why we created our Market section at FRESH with so many choices – so that you can choose what suits your needs and tastes, no matter what you are looking for.

But that also means we are probably not like any market you’ve shopped at before.  So from time to time over the next few months, I’ll be writing some From the Market articles, which will help you make smarter, more delicious choices in beef, pork, chicken or even more exotic meats like bison. And, we hope to answer some of your most frequent questions about our selection, so you understand where our products come from, what makes them special, and, of course, the best ways to cook them.

Today, to kick things off, I’d like to talk about our Certified Angus Beef.

I sometimes describe our certified  Angus products as the “gold standard” of beef. This beef is, pardon the pun, just a cut above most other beef out there.

That’s because after this beef goes through the USDA process of inspection and grading, it then goes through another, even tougher certification process. To receive the Certified Angus Beef designation, this beef must meet 10 more specifications – and only about 8 out of 100 make the cut.

These specifications cover such things as

  • Marbling: Certified Angus Beef must have medium to fine marbling, the white flecks of fat that ensure flavor and juiciness in every bite. When the fat is evenly distributed through the meat, it keeps the meat tender and juicy during cooking.
  • Maturity: Only the youngest cattle qualify, which translates to superior color, texture and tender. When it comes to beef, older means tougher.
  • Consistency:  The high standards mean that the quality doesn’t vary from cut to cut, or week to week. It’s always good.

We cut our beef on premises, so you can always ask for your selection to be cut to order. Or, you can choose from more than a dozen popular cuts, including roasts, steaks and ground beef.

We’ve also developed some specialty cuts that you have probably not encountered in other markets. These include:

  • Ribeye filets: This is a special cut that creates a perfectly portioned, roughly 8-ounce cut, with little to no waste. It’s especially great for diners who love the meaty taste and velvety texture of a ribeye, but don’t want the typical large portion you get with our standard center-cut ribeyes.
  • Ribeye satay: We developed these long, narrow cuts of ribeye steak as a party alternative: You can skewer these, grill them, and serve them on the patio or by the pool. Think upscale alternative to the standard backyard burger or hot dog.