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FRESH and Festive: Healthy Shopping with Dr. Hubert

Happy New Year, Freshies! To get your 2012 off to a healthier-than-ever start, we are planning lots of events this January to help you eat and shop better.

First up this weekend is our good friend, Tyler wellness expert Dr. Christopher Hubert, who will be here from 1-2:30 p.m. tomorrow, January 7.

Dr. Hubert is a chiropractor and health/nutrition professional who has a natural way of making wellness and good nutrition approachable and practical. One of his specialties is “recipe makeover,” where he helps you create a healthier version of favorite dishes.

This time up, he’ll be helping us eat healthier just by shopping smarter. After all, if you only bring home nutritious food, you’re less likely to fall back into bad eating habits. For instance:

Pick the Leanest Cut of Beef: Free-range meats and poultry are always the best choice if possible. When selecting beef, choose the leanest cuts, as most of the toxins from hormones and antibiotics will settle in fattier tissue.

If the Chicken is From a Factory Farm, Don’t Eat the Skin: If you don’t buy free-range, organic or cage-free chicken, be sure to remove the skin before eating.  Fatty tissue like skin is one of the top areas where toxins collect.

Check Prices on Organics—Organic Is Not Always More Expensive: Sometimes organic food is actually less expensive than traditionally grown food, especially when it’s on sale. It may also be only slightly more expensive than a comparable regular item, and in that case the increased nutritional value (and lack of pesticides, etc.) would be well worth the extra price. So compare prices and choose the best value.

Ocean-Caught Fish is Better Than Farm-Raised Fish: Best choices include fresh, ocean-caught Alaskan salmon, arctic Char (similar to salmon), fresh sardines and anchovies. If the label isn’t clear, ask the fishmonger where the fish came from (farm, lake or ocean).

You’ll find Dr. Hubert in our FRESH Taste Kitchen starting at 1 p.m. tomorrow. Can’t get here then? No worries! He will also be the guest at Coffee Talk, at 10 a.m. Tuesday Jan. 10, and will be back in the FRESH Taste Kitchen for another workshop 11 a.m., Saturday, January 21.