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Family Central: Grab-and-Go Breakfast

Breakfast on the go doesn’t have to mean a doughnut scarfed down in the car.

If you’re struggling to get a healthy meal into the kids before school, here’s a simple grab-and-go treat that both kids and adults will enjoy. It’s high-protein and filling, and is lightly sweet, with just a hint of saltiness to balance things out.

It’s super-simple to make, so the kids can help. (Older ones can whip up a batch themselves.) Make it ahead of time and store it in the fridge, for a quick breakfast or snack you can grab on the way out the door.

We used ingredients from our bulk department to come up with this recipe, and you can customize it to your tastes. Substitute any nut butter – peanut, almond or pecan – for the cashew butter. And, you can use any granola flavor; try several until you find your family’s favorite!

Breakfast Cashola

1 cup FRESH ground cashew butter
1/2 cup FRESH Signature Granola
2 Tbs agave nectar
1/8 tsp Fleur De Sel Sea Salt

Mix all together and roll into small balls, refrigerate and grab and eat on the go.