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From Our Freshologists: Coffee Talk – Our Favorite Things Edition

After about three months of doing Coffee Talk every Tuesday with all our FRESH shoppers, I tell you, I feel just like Oprah. OK, I’m not a multi-bazillionaire media mogul yet, but hey, she started small, too, right?

So for the final Coffee Talk of the year next Tuesday, I’m pulling a full Oprah and unveiling My Favorite Things.

Surely you know about Oprah’s favorite things. She unveils them every holiday season – wonderful, luxurious little treats, from chicken pot pies to lipsticks to soap. And then she gives them away to lucky fans.

So that’s what I’m going to do, too. At 10 a.m. Tuesday, during our final Coffee Talk of 2011, I’ll be unveiling my very favorite products from the thousands of wonderful goodies I’ve tried since FRESH has opened.

And then I’ll be giving some of them away, with the help of a very special surprise guest who will act as my Christmas Elf.

Now, I can’t spoil the fun, so I can’t tell you yet what my favorite things are. (A pasta sauce? A Belgian chocolate? Our housemade brioche? Sorry, my lips are sealed.) But I can tell you, I’ve been up and down every aisle, reminding myself of all the new and unique things I’ve tried since FRESH opened last March, and I’m really excited with what I’ve chosen to share with you.

You’ll just have to find out for yourself Tuesday in our FRESH Taste Kitchen. Show up a little early, get some coffee, talk amongst yourselves – and get ready to celebrate with a Very Special Episode of Coffee Talk.