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From Our Freshologists: Coffee Talk – A FRESH, Healthy start to 2012

We at Coffee Talk have been enjoying our Christmas break, but next Tuesday, we’re back in the FRESH Taste Kitchen at 10 a.m., ready to start a new year, and maybe start working off a few of those cookies.

So, what better guest to kick off a fresh approach to the new year than our own resident healthy living expert, Karen Daniel?

Karen has years of experience working with nutrition, natural remedies and healthy living, so I hope you’ll join us for what promises to be a very practical, inspiring Coffee Talk session. I have been talking with Karen and here’s an example of the type of wisdom she’ll be sharing with us, next Tuesday and also on Jan. 31.

Lifestyle, not diet: Diets don’t work for most of us, and if they do, we put on the weight as soon as we quit the official “diet.” Karen says we need to think about making a lifestyle change – small, incremental improvements in what, when and how much we eat. When eating better is a habit, you won’t fall off the wagon so hard.

What if you crave sweets? Sugar is empty calories, yet if you’re used to eating a lot of sweets, you may have trouble quitting cold turkey. Karen suggests satisfying this craving with vegetables with a high sugar content, like carrots, sweet potatoes and green peas, or with a high-sugar fruit, like bananas or grapes. As you eat more produce, and less refined sugar, you’ll find your tastes actually change, and you’ll taste and enjoy the natural sugar in fruits and vegetables much more.

What if you crave salt? If you crave chips and fries, you may have an electrolyte imbalance. One way to help with this is to take an electrolyte replacement, like the Nuun sports drink tablets, which dissolve in water and help you become optimally hydrated – with no sugar and less than 10 calories per drink.

Don’t forget to exercise: Yes, it burns calories. But even better, exercise can increase your levels of endorphins _ chemicals in your brain that reduce stress and pain, increase feelings of happiness, and even reduce appetite. So you get a triple whammy every time you lace up your gym shoes.

Stay tuned for a new fat-fighting product: Karen also promises to talk about a new product that will be debuting at FRESH in the healthy living department in 2012. She won’t share it just yet, but she says it will be new to Tyler and may be exactly what you need to help lose a few stubborn post-holiday pounds. So be among the first to hear the news on Tuesday!