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From Our Backyard: Simply 7 Chips

If you think “healthy” and “delicious” are mutually exclusive terms when it comes to snacks, let me introduce you to Simply 7, a company out of Houston.

Simply 7 makes crispy snack chips out of rather unlikely things like lentils and chickpeas. They’re baked instead of fried, and dusted with either plain sea salt, or simple herb/spice mixes. And, a healthy-sized serving of about 30 chips has only 130 or 140 calories, depending on the variety you select. (Thirty potato chips typically pack about twice as many calories as that.)They have no cholesterol, no trans fat, and no artificial anything. They are even gluten-free.

But – and here’s the really cool part – they taste good. So good that you’d eat them even if they weren’t relatively good for you.

Simply 7 has several flavors and varieties, including a spicy chili hummus chip and a creamy dill lentil chip, but my favorite is the plain lentil chip, flavored with sea salt. Each chip is shaped like a little scoop, making them a good delivery system for hummus, salsa, or the dip of your choice. However, they really don’t need any enhancement; they have a good flavor and addictive crunch all on their own.

The name “Simply 7” comes not from the number of flavors they sell, or even the ingredients in the chips, but from the company’s seven core principles. These all revolve around making wholesome, natural foods, without things you don’t need, like trans fats, gluten, and fake preservatives, but not at the expense of taste. After all, as Simply 7 says, if it doesn’t taste good – why would you bother to eat it?

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