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FRESH and Festive: The Perfect Poinsettia

The Polar Bear Poinsettia is a striking plant – instead of the red blooms of a traditional poinsettia, this one blooms in creamy white. But there’s more about it that’s special: Part of the proceeds of every plant sold go to help support polar bear conservation.

Money raised from the sale of these beautiful white blooms go to help support Polar Bear International, a foundation that supports polar bears through research, education and conservation efforts. It’s a project launched by the Paul Ecke ranch in California, which provides the cuttings that our Texas grower uses to grow these plants.

The Polar Bear Poinsettia is just one of the varieties we have in the FRESH floral department this Christmas. Whether you like your poinsettia in the traditional red – or in pink, maroon or deep red – we have lots of gorgeous,  healthy plants.

Our poinsettias are all grown in Texas, so you’re supporting local growers. And if you just follow a few simple suggestions, the plants you buy today will still be blooming and beautiful well into the new year.

  1. Poinsettias may look great near the fireplace, but they don’t do well there. That’s because fireplaces can get drafty, and poinsettias don’t like that. Likewise, don’t put them near exterior doors, or near windows unless the windows are well-sealed. They also don’t like places that are too hot, so don’t put them too close to a heating vent or a space heater.
  2. Don’t put them in direct sunlight. However, they do need several hours of indirect sunlight each day.
  3. Poinsettias don’t like it too cold, or too hot. The best room temperature is about 70 degrees during the day, and about 65 at night. If your home is much warmer than that, or much cooler, your plant may lost a lot of leaves and end up looking straggly quickly.
  4. Don’t overwater.  Water only when the soil begins to feel dry to the touch, and use just enough that the water just barely begins to drain out the bottom. Do not allow to sit in standing water. It may work best to remove your poinsettia from its decorative container, water it, let all excess drain away, and then replace it in its container.
  5. If the air in your home is dry, try misting you poinsettia every few days; poinsettias bloom best in slightly humid air.