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From Our Freshologists: Coffee Talk with Michael Brady

We’ve been doing Coffee Talk for a couple months now, and I’m thrilled that so many Texans have been up to the challenge of coming into the FRESH Taste Kitchen to nosh and talk with me –  a born and bred blinged-out Jersey girl.

When we got the idea for these Tuesday morning series, we were thinking of that old Saturday Night Live skit – you know, the one where Mike Myers dressed up as a stereotypical “New Yawk” lady with big hair and bling, and encouraged her/his guests to “talk amongst themselves.” We figured – hey, I’m from New York, I love to talk, we have great coffee – why not make it a weekly event, and share some FRESH news and recipes while we’re at it?

Anyway, I hope you’ve been coming every Tuesday at 10 a.m. And  if not – you definitely don’t want to miss our next one, coming up Tuesday Nov. 15. Our guest will be none other than our FRESH chef de cuisine, Michael Brady. Michael is a great teacher, and he frequently appears in the FRESH Taste Kitchen on the weekends, demonstrating some of the recipes he’s picked up on his culinary travels, from Louisiana to France and beyond.

Michael has already waded into Coffee Talk waters, and if you’ve seen him in action, you know how much fun he is to watch and learn from. Last time he was with us, he helped us plan stress-free weekday menus,  so that you can shop once and then use many of the same ingredients in very different ways, for meals that are never boring. This time, he’ll be continuing that theme, and maybe throwing in a holiday twist of two.

This time of year, when you’re beginning to get busier by the second, you still don’t want to skimp on your family’s nutrition, and you still want to create healthy, delicious family meals. Come see us Tuesday and pick up some FRESH tips for doing just that.