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From Our Backyard: Texas-Grown Aloe Vera Products

Did you know that the largest grower and producer of organic aloe vera products is headquartered right down the road in North Texas  – and that much of their pure aloe vera is grown right in Texas too?

Lily of the Desert is a well-respected company that produces all kinds of aloe vera products, from soothing lotions and beauty products to aloe vera juices and supplements. Based in Denton, just north of Fort Worth, the company operates farms and a processing plant in the Texas Rio Grande Valley region in southern Texas.

Aloe is succulent plant and a member of the lily family – hence the name, Lily of the Valley. The gel contained in the aloe leaves has been used for thousands of years for its healing and moisturizing properties.

Many people think of aloe vera as a topical treatment only, perhaps as the gel that you use to soothe a sunburn or a rash. But Lily of the Desert has been a leader in developing products that are taken internally, and take advantage of the digestive and immune benefits that come from ingesting aloe vera.

Drinking aloe vera juice, for instance, has been linked to many health benefits, including immune system support and the increased absorption of many vitamins and minerals. The benefits are thought to be linked to the aloe polysaccharides, the active component found in the aloe leaf. Lily of the Desert has developed a proprietary ingredient, Aloesorb, which concentrates the benefits of these polysaccharides.

Independent clinical studies of Aloesorb-enhanced aloe vera products have shown some remarkable results. For instance, in one study, subjects showed a 40 percent increase in their antixoxidant level support. In another, absorption of Vitamin C was boosted by up to 600 percent six hours after ingesting the aloe vera product.

Aloe vera juices and supplements are mild and easily digested; in fact, they promote digestive health and healing. And because Lily of the Desert products use only organic aloe vera, grown without the aid of chemicals, you can be sure you’re getting only the benefits of this unique and ancient healing plant.