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FRESH In: A Greener Way To Sample

We built FRESH around the idea of sharing the wonders of food – and that means we love to share samples of new and interesting foods and our chef-made specialties.

And now, we’ve found a way of making our frequent samples more environmentally friendly. We are now using Ecotensil sampling spoons – a new, greener alternative to plastic or other disposable tasting spoons.

These smart little paperboard tasting spoons create less waste AND are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. The parent company says these spoons break down in five weeks or less. That compares to the indefinite lifespan of a plastic spoon once it’s shipped to a landfill.

Made in the U.S, Ecotensils are made from renewable paperboard, which is considered sustainably forested. Also, their ingenious design allows twice as many to fit in a shipping box as comparable spoons, so there is less packaging, less material, less transportation cost, and less waste.

These new spoons are just one way that the FRESH team is committed to creating the most sustainable, environmentally conscious venue possible. Other “green” news:

Ionater: Our cleaning efforts have gotten greener with the use of the Ionator EXP in place of traditional chemical glass cleaner. This innovative tool turns plain tap water into an efficient sanitizer, eliminating the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. Using ionized water reduces energy consumption and pollution, yet destroys more than 99.999 percent of common bacteria including salmonella, E. coli and listeria. And, there are no chemical residues, fragrances or dyes left behind.

Food bank donations: We continue to partner with the East Texas Food Bank on initiatives to help feed those in need. One way we do that is by donating fresh, nutritious food that is safe to eat, but that has approached its “sell-by” date. We regularly donate hundreds of pounds of food each month, which the food bank then distributes to low-income East Texas families who are struggling to put food on the table.