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From Our Freshologists: Easy Sushi Kits

In my experience, a lot of kids like sushi. OK, maybe not the raw fish kind. But the overall concept – the sticky rice, the finger food, the art of rolling it – that part, they like.

The trick is serving sushi with stuff in it they’ll eat. To do that, we’ve been trying to make our own, with these easy Annie Chun’s Sushi Wrap sushi kits we just discovered.

These include prepared sticky rice, bite-sized nori (seaweed) wraps, and soy sauce. They come in both regular white sushi rice and in sprouted brown rice, your choice. Either way, you just microwave the rice, lay it onto the seaweed, and then add sushi ingredients of your choice before rolling it up. (Almost)-instant sushi.

You can use traditional ingredients, like fresh raw tuna, cucumber sticks or crab meat, but you don’t have to. For kids, especially, use your imagination, and whatever ingredients they like: Carrot sticks, avocado, shrimp, fried tofu, asparagus spears, edamame, cream cheese, even cooked chicken.

Let children experiment, and let them be hands-on, rolling up their own sushi. When one of your kids finds a combination they like, name the roll in honor of them! Just make sure you write it down, so you can remember how to make it next time it is sushi night.