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From Our Freshologists: Coffee Talk!

Well hello my darling coffee lovers!  You HAVE come to see us during one of my Tuesday morning Coffee Talks at FRESH, haven’t you?

If you haven’t, I want to invite you to come in for coffee, and well, talk, every Tuesday at 10 a.m. in the FRESH Taste Kitchen. It’s a fun, casual morning where we sample new foods at FRESH, pick up some tips from some of our expert chefs and product specialists, share favorite recipes, and, of course, drink some great, free coffee from our reFRESH bar.

And, of course, I’m your hostess. Coffee Talk came about because I wanted to share my training at FRESH with all my friends.  They were all so jealous when I would tell them about all the great food I was learning about and TASTING.  It made me love this store even before it opened, and now that it’s here, I want to share it all with everyone I love.

My love for food came from my family and growing up in the tri-state area near New York City.  We would go into the city very often and just eat our way through it.  My parents are both native New Yorkers so they introduced us to many types of food, from the dirty water dog on the streets of New York(my favorite) to the Jewish delis for our favorite pastrami sandwich.

When I became a professional, I had the opportunity to own my own service business for twelve years.  Dealing with people every day was the most energizing career you could have.  (I know you’re dying to know what service but I will let your mind have fun with that.)

Anyway, between this food-loving childhood and my people-oriented adulthood, I have become a Foodie who loves people.  Working at FRESH as a FRESHologist is a perfect fit for me. So come see me any day – but especially on Tuesdays. Here’s our Coffee Talk schedule for the next few weeks:

November 1st : First time at coffee talk for Shellie from our Floral Department . She will show us  all how to impress our guest on Thanksgiving by decorating the most beautiful table.  Easy and beautiful that’s what I want.

November 8th : Oh my goodness another first time guest is Casey, one of the great chefs here at Fresh. He will help us through the holidays with some fun, delicious and easy recipes.

November 15th : Well here comes chef Michael Brady to be a part of our holidays with some ideas that will just send you  over the edge with excitement.

November 22:   I will need to put my feet up and rest before the Holiday so there will be no Coffee Talk.

November 29th 10:00 Hold on we are going to be having some great snacks this morning with PASTRY stopping by and showing us how sweet it is!!!

December 6th 10:00am Come make a big splash with John from SEAFOOD.  He has some secrets you don’t want to miss.  He cooks too!

December 13th 10:00 This will be our Christmas Theme class.  Maybe Santa will show up with some gifts. Hope you have been good.

December 20th and December 27th there will be no coffee talk I will be too busy opening all my Holiday gifts.  I want to wish you a Happy Holiday and a fabu  New Year.