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From Our Backyard: Berdoll Pecans

We have just started carrying Berdoll pecans – some of the biggest, meatiest, most perfect pecans you have ever seen. They come in more than a dozen flavors, including savory flavors like mesquite BBQ and lots of sweet ones, like honey-glazed and all kinds of chocolate-covered.

These are a true Texas product. They’re from the Berdoll family, who, after more than 30 years, still run every aspect of their pecan empire near Austin.

Founders Hal and Lisa Berdoll still care for the pecan orchard, which they first planted in 1980 on ranchland near the Colorado River bottoms. Daughter and son-in-law Jennifer and Jared Wammack run the retail operation, assisted by daughter-in-law Brandi Berdoll, who manages the retail store.

And every bit of the work – growing, shelling and packaging – is still overseen by the Berdoll family. The family-run operation even produces every flavored pecan and pecan candy, right there in their own commercial kitchen.

The operation has grown immensely from its humble beginnings. In 1984, when Hal and Lisa were ready to start selling their first pecans, they used their garage as their base of operations.

Their business soon outgrew the garage, and they opened a real store in 1986. Originally, they sold just plain pecans, but soon, in response to customer requests, they started creating flavors. (The first flavored pecan was cinnamon-and-sugar-roasted, and was created by Lisa in the family’s kitchen, says Jennifer.)  Later, the family bought a huge machine, the length of an 18-wheeler, to create chocolate-coated pecans and other confections.

Flavored, chocolate- or caramel-coated, or just plain roasted, the Berdoll pecans come in generous one-pound bags, perfect for hostess or holiday gifts, or for sharing with guests. Assuming you still feel like sharing after you’ve tasted them.

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