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FRESH In: Global Happy Hours

Happy hour is a concept that’s universal.

In Italy, people gather after work to drink “spritzs” _ a cocktail made with the sparkling wine Prosecco, seltzer water, and often the Italian aperitif Campari. In Mexico, you’ll get wine, beer or cocktails to wash down your botanas – little snacks, like mini empanadas, pickled vegetables, spiced nuts or ceviche. And in Spain, of course, there’s the whole tapas phenomenon – the little plates of appetizers you eat with your beverage after work, but before dinner.

So in honor of our global food fest that started today – we’re taking our Wednesday happy hour global for the next two weeks.

Tonight, we’ll be celebrating the United Kingdom. From  5-7 p.m., come try our chef’s new mini shepherd’s pie – an updated take on the traditional British casserole of ground beef, veggies and mashed potatoes. To drink? A traditional black-and-tan, the famous U.K. special made by layering a dark stout or porter over a lighter pale ale.

Then, next week, we head to Spain. On Wednesday, Oct 12, stop by from 5-7 p.m. to sip on two kinds of sangria. (One will be sparkling!)

Cheers! Salud! Drink up!