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Family Central: Recycle That Juice Pouch

I used to think that if I had a nickel for every juice pouch my kids went through, I could retire to the south of France. Well, OK, maybe just the south of Tyler, but I digress. For all you parents who have bought a million juice pouches for soccer practice, playdates and Scout meetings – wouldn’t you love to be able to do something with those pouches besides throw them into the trash?

Honest Kids juices heard our plea. They have teamed up with an organization called TerraCycle to recycle all those used-up drink bags.

TerraCycle uses the  recycled pouches to make all kinds of products, from tote bags to plasticized “lumber.”  Which is pretty great, all in itself. But if you participate in their recycling program, you can also earn money for a school or nonprofit of your choice.

It’s easy. Visit to get started. Once you have an account, you’ll get two points, or two cents, for each usable drink pouch that you send in. These points can be redeemed for charitable gifts to the group of your choice, or the cents can add up to be donated to a charity. The TerraCycle site will even pay postage for the pouches you donate.

Honest Kids is a good product on its own. Their drinks are made with organic juices and organic cane sugar; have no high-fructose corn syrup; and contain less sugar than many similar juice pouch drinks. (Honest Kids berry lemonade has 10 grams of sugar per pouch, compared to at least 16 for other similar drinks.)

But not having to feel guilty about throwing those pouches in the landfill? That’s the best part of all.