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Family Central: Family-Friendly Tooth Care

October is National Dental Hygiene Month – and what better way to observe it than to discover the products of a U.S. company that not only can improve the oral health of your family, but in the process is helping the environment as well.

The company is Radius. It was formed in 1983 by best friends and architects who wanted to impact the everyday lives of people. Their company’s philosophy: “The personal care tools you choose to use every day are the key to a healthy and happy life.”

The toothbrushes are made from 93% recycled material, with 47% coming from renewable resources.  They are the only natural toothbrush approved by the American Dental Association, ADA.  Radius makes the handles reversible for both right- and left-handed brushing.

The toothbrushes are all age-specific, beginning with Pure Baby that is designed for 6-month to 18-month babies and toddlers, up through sizes for older children and for adults. All toothbrushes are BPA and dye free.

Radius also makes a vegan antibacterial cranberry floss. This floss is coated in 100% pure cranberry essence. This essence is made by removing water and concentrating the juice without the sugar.

Recent research has shown that the cranberry is rich in proanthocyandins, which have proven effective to inhibit the adhesion of bacterial bio-films on teeth which causes plaque to form. Cranberries then are in a unique position to help prevent periodontal disease. The cranberries used are non-GMO, have no pesticides and receive very little fertilizer.

And finally –what should you put on that brand- new toothbrush? Today’s families are fortunate to have a much broader selection of natural toothpastes, including many developed just for young children. A couple to consider:

Jason’s: Fruity-flavored kids’ pastes with no fluoride, wheat, or gluten, from a natural-products company with decades of experience making natural cleansers and body care items.

Tom’s of Maine: From the same company that makes popular natural toothpastes for adults, comes a paste developed for children. The cleaning comes from calcium and silica, and the flavor comes from real fruit, not something artificial.

Earth’s Best: Another fluoride-free formula, this natural paste is recommended for children as young as 6 months, since it contains nothing that is harmful if swallowed by your baby.