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Well and Good: Natural Relief For Kids’ Ear Aches

You know the cycle: School starts, the weather changes, your child’s allergies kick in, and all of a sudden, they’re complaining of sore throats and ear aches.

If you’re looking for a more natural, less invasive way to alleviate your child’s painful symptoms, let me suggest one new product I like: Animal Parade’s Inner Ear Support supplement.  This chewable tablet contains several natural ingredients that have a history of calming, soothing and cooling inflamed tissue in the inner ear, mouth and throat area.

One of the main ingredients is a powerful probiotic called S. salivarius K12. It contains 1 billion viable cells of this strain not normally found in general probiotic formulas and is a member of the same species as S. thermophilus (the kind required for yogurt production).

Researchers have confirmed the benefits of this probiotic to specifically work in the inner ear, mouth and throat area of the body.  This formula also includes L acidophilus (2 billion viable cells) as well as the herbs chamomile and mullein to help soothe and calm the tissues in the inner ear. The combination works together to help maintain a healthy balance of microorganisms within your child’s sensitive ear, nose and throat region.

All of this probably does not sound so appetizing, but Nature’s Plus, the formulator of this product has the best tasting children’s line on the market – and it’s even sugar-free.  They have used natural cherry flavoring, and xylitol as the sweetener.  Xylitol has a twofold effect on the mouth; it does help prevent dental cavities as well as support the inner health of the ear in children.

This product is safe for children as young as 4 years old, and younger kids especially will enjoy the fun animal shapes. Don’t wait for earaches and inflamed sinuses to hit your household this fall; be proactive and be ready!