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Well and Good: Fall Cleansing

Fall officially arrives Friday, so it’s time to think about cleaning out those closets we’ve let pile up over the summer months with the kids home from school. It is also a great time to “clean out” or detox our own bodies. You have probably heard people talk about “doing a cleanse” and thought about it yourself as well, but may have been reluctant – possibly because you’re just not sure what it would entail or how hard it would be.

Properly done, a cleanse can help you fight allergies, fatigue and illnesses, and can improve your energy level, immune system and bodily elimination. And while you can fast while doing a cleanse, you don’t have to!

There are many different levels of body cleansing. The simplest involves simply drinking a cup of tea once or twice a day from any one of these herbs: burdock root, red clover, sheep sorrel, yellow dock or milk thistle. These simple cleanses help your body eliminate toxins and improve circulation, elimination and overall health.

There is also a combination product called Essiac Tea, developed by a Canadian nurse in the 1920s from a formula that she got from Indian friends. It contains burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm, and Indian Rhubarb. It had been documented by this nurse, Rene M. Caisse, as a great detoxifier.

Some people have used the Master Cleanse as a way to detox.  This cleanse requires a bit more commitment as you are fasting while detoxing, consuming just purified water, lemon juice, maple syrup and sea salt. With this combination, not only do you cleanse your tissues, you almost always lose weight, maybe that stubborn last few pounds. This one works mainly on the liver and colon.

More intense or prolonged cleanses can last from 7-30 days. Most of these cleanses rely on herbs and greens to detox or clean several body systems at the same time. They are effective and while using them, to get the best results, you will want to eliminate from your diet as many processed or packaged foods as possible to help with the detox process. There are several companies that offer a whole body cleanse. They are pre-packed, with easy-to-follow directions.

There are other specific cleanses that can be done as well that target a particular system such as the liver, kidney, Candida or parasite cleanse. The name of this cleanse identifies what organ or problem that cleanse is targeting. This type of cleanse would be used after doing an initial colon cleanse.

One other specific cleanse worth mentioning here is a heavy metal cleanse. It is designed to help assist the body in eliminating just what it says, heavy metals. These are accumulated in the body in various organs and are some of the hardest toxins to get rid of.

No matter which way you chose to cleanse or how long you stay on one, the important thing to remember is “just do it!” Your body will thank you with renewed energy and better elimination.