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Well and Good: Divine – DeVita Skin Care

With all the skincare products on the market, and all the claims that are made on their behalf, it can be hard to know what might work for you.

That’s one reason I like the DeVita Natural Skin Care line. It was developed by a woman who actually had problem skin – so she had a vested interest in making products that work.

Devita’s founder, Cherylanne DeVita, PhD., has explained that as an adult, she suffered for years with adult acne and, later, sun-induced aging. She bought lots of chemical-laden, expensive, department-store products that often just made things worse.

But DeVita happened to be a chemist, and at the time was operating a small essential-oils company. She began dabbling with natural ingredients, including organic aloe vera, and creating cleansers, moisturizers and toners that were free of harsh chemicals. She started just using them for herself, but by 1998, a new company was born.

All DeVita products are all-natural, vegan, and contain absolutely no parabens. (Parebens are preservatives widely used in cosmetics. Though many researchers believe they are safe, other researchers have suggested they may be linked to cancer, particularly breast cancer, so more consumers are now trying to avoid them.) The company also has strict guidelines regarding animal testing. If an ingredient has been tested or retested on animals for cosmetic usages after  Dec. 31, 1990, the company will not buy it – even if it means they have to reformulate a product rather than use that ingredient.

DeVita products are gentle, effective and safe for mature skin, as well as for younger consumers. At FRESH, we carry a wide selection of DeVita products, including eyelift cream, brightening serum, an aloe vera cleanser, cucumber toner, and a gentle aloe facial scrub. One of my favorites is a unique shea butter lotion. It offers the richness and moisturizing properties of shea butter, but in a creamy, light formulation that’s much easier to apply, and for your skin to absorb, than the typically hard, solid forms of shea butter.

Find DeVita products in our Health and Wellness section.