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From our Freshologists: The Amazing Cocopop

I really like the days that it’s my turn to run the Cocopop machine. I can’t think of any other simple task in FRESH that seems to make so many people so happy.

You HAVE tried the fresh-made Cocopops, haven’t you?  We offer samples of them around here pretty much  daily, and according to many of our guests, they are downright addictive.

The Cocopop multigrain snack is one of those simple, why-didn’t-I-invent-this things.  It is a big, puffy, airy crisp, kind of a cross between a rice cake and a cracker. It has just a few ingredients _ wheat flour, rice flour, corn flour, sea salt _ and just 16 calories per piece. No fat, no sugar, no preservatives, no cholesterol either.

We make them fresh daily using the machine that’s usually located near the bakery – you can’t miss the big “whoosh” popping sound when one of them flies out into the holding bin. (Our machine was a little finicky the first few months and required replacement of a few parts that briefly knocked it out of commission, but it’s in great working shape now!) We bag them right there, for you to take home. As long as you keep the bag tightly sealed, they’ll stay fresh and crisp for at least a couple of days.

Cocopops have a crisp texture and neutral flavor that makes them the perfect, almost calorie-free delivery system for sweet toppings. I especially like Nutella or Biscoff, a cinnamon cookie spread, but peanut butter, jelly, honey or chocolate sauce is good too.

But they are also a good with savory toppings, and can be used instead of bread, crackers, or chips. Try tuna salad, hummus, guacamole, salsa, cheese, or chili. You could even use them in place of tortillas or hard taco shells, for a lower-calorie taco salad or burrito.

It’s easy to tell when we’re making Cocopops. Just head for the bakery, and listen for that “whoosh.”