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From Our Backyard: Xochitl Chips and Salsa

Salsa is one of those things that just about everybody thinks they can make, especially in Texas. And lots of people think their family’s recipe is the best.

But how many people have been able to turn an old family recipe into a booming business?

Carlos Salinas did. The founder of Dallas-based Salsa Xochitl started his business almost by happenstance years ago, when asked to make 200 jars of his famous salsa for a business gift.

Encouraged by the reception, he began marketing a spicy chipotle-spiked salsa that was based on one that his family had made for generations, and that is supposed to be based on ancient Aztec and Mayan culinary traditions.  (Xochitl, pronounced so-cheel, does mean “flower” in Nahuatl, an ancient Aztec language.)

And Salinas’ Xochitl salsa is a really good salsa. It has a very pronounced, smoky chipotle flavor, more intense than some other chipotle salsas you may have tried, with a nice, garlicky undertone. It’s also very simple and natural, with an ingredient list that includes exta virgin olive oil, sea salt, onions and garlic. Even the mild variety is pretty zippy; the medium would be considered hot in some salsa lines.

The company has expanded to other types of salsas and dips, and now also makes restaurant-quality, super-thin chips, lightly dusted with sea salt. At FRESH, you can find the chips in the chips and snack aisle; look for the original chipotle salsa, in mild and medium, at the end of Aisle 5, with our salsa selection.

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