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From Our Backyard: Somebody’s Mother’s Sauces, Houston

I like Lynn Lasher’s style.

She’s the Houston woman who’s the  “mother” behind Somebody’s Mother’s dessert sauces.

And I’ve got to love anybody who can both make such a delicious sauce (her rich chocolate is my favorite) AND has the wisdom to put sayings from other people’s mothers on the jar lids. (Sample: “If at first you don’t succeed, do it the way your mother told you to.” _ Harriet Bath.)

Lasher’s story is that she started the company in 2005 to help teach her now-adult children what it’s like to launch a business. (Lasher, who holds an MBA and formerly worked in the financial sector, is serious about this; she developed an actual business plan for the lemonade stands these kids ran when they were little.)

Even without the cute packaging and the smart marketing, I would buy these sauces just for the taste, of course. The chocolate sauce, creamy, rich, and deeply chocolate, comes from an old family recipe that her own mother made. There are also two additional sauces – caramel and white chocolate with pear William.

All the sauces are all-natural, made without preservatives, and are made without high-fructose corn syrup. They’re delicious warm or cold – poured over ice cream or pound cake, spooned over berries, or drizzled over crackers or biscuits. At FRESH, we often have jars of Somebody’s Mother’s sauces near the Coco Pop machine, so you can sample it with that low-calorie treat, giving you a guilt-free delivery system for all that saucy goodness.

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