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FRESH In: Salami, New York Style

Our new line of Italian salami and cured meats, Milano Suino d’Oro, is a throwback to an earlier time. It’s handmade right in New York’s Meatpacking District, which was once the center of the East Coast’s meat industry but has lately been turned into a trendy area of restaurants, hotels and clubs.

The London Meat Company, which makes this line, is one of the lone survivors of the legendary meatpacking district, which once housed more than 200 meat companies.

A century ago, the salami makers used to butcher the pigs right on the premises. Today, they import the pork from Iowa (Duroc, a breed that provides particularly flavorful, well-marbled meat). But the meats  are based on family recipes that date back hundreds of years, not just to the original markets in the meatpacking district but all the way back to Italy.

Aside from its history, and the name (Suino d’Oro is Italian for “golden pig”),  I like this line because it delivers high-quality at an everyday price.We’re now carrying several of their most popular products, including:

Sweet Sopressata:  Styled after salamis from Naples, this is a milder, pure pork sausage seasoned with whole black peppercorns.

Hot Sopressata: Chiles, wild fennel seed and cayenne pepper give this pork sausage a fairly spicy edge.

Toscano: This coarsely-textured pork sausage, similar to the kind you’d find in Tuscany,  is simply flavored with sea salt, pepper and garlic.

Coppa :Made of salt-cured pork shoulder and coarsely ground pork fat, coppa is available in both hot and sweet varieties.

Abbruzzi : A finely textured sausage made of pork that’s double-ground.

Chorizo: A dried, Spanish-style pork sausage that’s flavored with smoked paprika and is mildly spicy.