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FRESH In: New, All-Natural Tortilla Chips

A lot of people have a sweet tooth. Not me. Mine’s salty. Specifically, I love salty chips – potato chips, tortilla chips, anything that’s salty, savory, crispy and, usually, fried. I would eat my weight in chips daily, if that didn’t mean my weight would then approach circus-freak proportions.

So any time I find a new chip that’s at least a little bit healthier, I’m excited to try them.

My newest discovery is from a company that chip fans probably already know and love _ Kettle. Kettle made its name with thick-cut, kettle-fried potato chips in flavors that are intense (sea salt and vinegar) and sometimes a little out-there (Spicy Thai).

Now they are doing the same thing with tortilla chips. Their new all-natural Tias! tortilla chips come in several cool flavors, like Zesty Ranch and Sweet Baja Barbecue, as well as regular toasted corn.

Like their potato chips, these tortilla triangles are slightly thicker-cut than ordinary chips, so you get a really satisfying crunch, and they hold up especially well to salsa or dip.

Now, don’t get me wrong; these aren’t diet chips. A serving has about the same amount of calories, in the neighborhood of 150, as you’d get from a garden-variety chip.

But, on the major plus side, Tias are made from all-organic yellow corn and natural oils. They are gluten-free and contain no transfats and no genetically-modified ingredients. Instead of fakey preservatives and flavors you sometimes are ingesting with your favorite snack foods, these are made with natural colors and flavors, things like buttermilk, real cheese and real spices like garlic and paprika.

This is a snack food I can feel pretty good about eating – as long as I can just keep from eating the whole bag.

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