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FRESH In: Healthy, Responsible Chocolate

If you’re health-conscious, and you’re going to eat chocolate, you’re supposed to eat the dark kind; that’s the kind that has been touted as actually being good for your heart.

My problem has been that I like my chocolate on the sweet side, and a lot of dark chocolate isn’t to my taste. Too dark, too chocolatey, often too bitter, especially those newer “gourmet” bars that are 70 to 80 percent cacao.

Seeds of Change dark chocolate bars are a nice find for people like me.

Now at FRESH, Seeds of Change has four kinds of dark chocolate, all with a 61 percent cacao content. That’s enough to contain the health benefits, but not so deeply chocolate that all I can taste is the chocolate beans.

My favorite is the dark chocolate with bits of chewy, sweet dried mango and toasted cashews, but I also like the dark chocolate with coconut, which kind of reminds me of an Almond Joy, all grown up.

Seeds of Change has an interesting backstory, as well. It actually started a couple decades ago to sell organically grown seeds, especially heirloom seeds that were in danger of being made extinct by modern factory farming. Eventually, because the company’s founders wanted to make organic, sustainable food more widely available, they branched out into food, including pasta sauces, Indian simmer sauces, and rice, in addition to chocolate.

The company still donates 1 percent of its net sales to support organic, sustainable farming across the world. And, yes, all their chocolate is certified organic. So you can feel extra-good about indulging in this not-so-guilty pleasure.

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