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FRESH and Festive: Wing it

In Texas, fall weekends mean one thing: Football. Which means one other thing: Tailgating.

And tailgating? That means wings.

Aside from the messy aspect (just make sure you pack plenty of wet-wipes), wings are the perfect tailgating food. They’re spicy, salty and satisfying. And you can eat them with one hand while you hold an adult beverage in the other.

At FRESH, we carry in the neighborhood of 20 different sauces just for wings. We have sauces by Paula Deena and Emeril, sauces with jalapenos or teriyaki flavoring, and in every strength up to triple-x hot. So you can create a whole wings buffet, whether your crew likes it on the wimpy _ um, mild _ side, or burn-your-face-off hot.

Here are some I like, arranged roughly in order from mildest to hottest:

Brothers’ Heat Gourmet Chicken Wings Sauce: This one, made in Fort Worth, combines a sweetness to the peppery kick.

Original Anchor Bar Medium: This bar in Buffalo, New York, lays legitimate claim to having invented the Buffalo-style chicken wing in the first place, back in 1964. I like their medium strength version _ a nice balance between heat and flavor.

Hooter’s: I know plenty of people who swear they only go to this restaurant chain for the wings. And, actually, I believe most of them. The wings at Hooter’s ARE really good, and this prepared sauce lets you make the same thing at home, minus the orange hot pants.

Stubb’s Original Wing Sauce: Made by the bbq folks down in Austin, this one is peppery, nicely hot and has a vinegar-y kick.

Blair’s XXX Hot : Everything that comes out of Blair’s is super-scary hot, and this is no exception. Only for the bravest palates.