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FRESH and Festive: Sushi Workshop at FRESH

I love introducing people to sushi. Back about ten years ago when I had my own restaurant in my hometown of Monroe, La., we were the first place in town to have a sushi night, and it got so popular that we eventually had to serve it at least two or three nights a week.

And here, managing FRESH’s seafood department, I have enjoyed bringing to East Texas all kinds of top-quality, sushi-grade fish so you can make your own sushi that’s as good as any restaurant’s. But I still find some sushi fans, even those who are accomplished cooks, are a little intimidated by the idea of making their own sushi.

So if you’re a sushi fanatic, here’s your chance to learn how to roll your own: Tomorrow, Sept. 17, I’ll teach a Sushi Workshop, giving you all the basics about how to make it at home. Come join in at 1 p.m. in our FRESH Taste Kitchen.

We’ll cover sushi rolls; nigiri (traditionally a ball of sushi rice with a piece of fish and flavorings on top) ; and sashimi (raw, perfectly sliced fish.)

We’ll also talk about what you need to make it at home. For your convenience, we carry pretty much everything you need at FRESH, including sushi rice; rice wine vinegar; nori (the seaweed wrappers); wasabi; pickled ginger; tobiko (flying fish roe, a popular ingredient); and, of course, fresh fish.

Finally, we’ll work with some of my favorite fish to create some custom-made rolls and sushi. You’ll learn how to select and slice fish; how to sear it (not all sushi is raw!); and how to prepare and shape the rice, one of the most important aspects of good sushi.

By the way, we already carry many of the most popular fish varieties used in sushi, including yellowtail, unagi (freshwater eel), tuna, mackerel and salmon. But if you want something more exotic, just ask: We can order just about anything that swims, and get it to you in just a few days.