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From Our Freshologists: Hot Cheese

If I could guzzle cheese, I would. I like it almost as much as mayonnaise. And I like mayonnaise almost as much as oxygen. I’ve got lots of cheese stories. Like that one time my brother and his ‘cool’ friends discovered my cheese slice wrapper graveyard hidden behind the sofa. Or that time my Mom sent me a Baby Swiss cheese wheel in a care package and I ate almost all of it in one sitting, much to the disgust of my roommate. Quantity was the point back then. Now I aim for quality. And heat, if I can get it.

The Schivers clan is big on spice. Dad almost always had a whole raw jalapeño on his plate no matter what he was eating. Salisbury steak? Fried catfish? Hamburgers? Spaghetti? It all needed a kick of spice. Our garden always had a mix of different peppers- jalapeno, serrano, habanero, scotch bonnet. “You’ve gotta build up resistance to the heat and eat through the pain,” Dad would say on more than one occasion. Words to live by.

So craving cheese with heat was inevitable. Good thing for me, our cheese department at FRESH has lots of spicy cheeses to choose from and at all different heat levels. We’ve got the super spicy for the brave like my Dad & me and the truly mild for wimps like my Mom. And we have lots of interesting combinations of heat and flavor.

Carr Valley makes a Cranberry Chipotle cheese that has a strong smokey taste, with a nice slow burn at the end.

I really like the Moroccan spice cheese by Coombe Castle. It’s an English cheddar with harissa and a hint of rose petals. There’s not much heat in that one.

If you really want to feel a kick, though, go straight for the Yancy’s Fancy Habanero & Jalapeño triple cream cheddar. It’s pretty darn hot, but not so hot it’s painful.

FRESH also carries several pepper jack cheeses. My favorites are the Brazos Valley Cheese made outside Waco and the Henning’s made in Wisconsin.

We’ve got several horseradish cheeses.

Finally, there’s a wasabi cheese made by Beemster. Yes, sinus-clearing wasabi, in a cheese. To me, a match made in cheese heaven.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Cheese is good. And it only gets better when you add a little heat.