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From Our Backyard: Texas Sugar

If you like your hot stuff with a sweet edge, then we’ve got the stuff for you: Texas Sugar, a hot sauce from just down the road in Atlanta. (That’s Atlanta, Texas, to those of you who aren’t from around here.)

Where some hot sauces just flirt with the idea of sweetness, Texas Sugar isn’t very subtle about it. Your first bite delivers a bold, super-sugary sweetness, but watch out – there’s a peppery, hot kick that follows swiftly behind that. Eat still more, and you’ll detect more complexity, from fresh jalapenos, cilantro and apple cider vinegar.

The sauce was created by a former West Texan who, upon landing in East Texas, discovered that her new neighbors liked her beloved “hot stuff” sweetened up a tad. More Southern than Southwestern, more sugary than burn-your-mouth-off hot.

An official Go Texas product, Texas Sugar recommends you use it for more than just chips—stirred into your favorite enchilada sauce, made into queso, even as a topping for meatloaf. To me, its sweet notes blend especially well with sour cream or cream cheese. Try a cup or so poured over a block of cream cheese, served with salty, savory crackers for a quick Southern-style appetizer.

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