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From Our Backyard: Talenti Gelato

The Dallas folks who launched Talenti gelato had some chutzpah. They took their name straight from the guy who allegedly invented the stuff 500 years ago in Italy, Bernardo Buonotalenti. According to the story, “Talenti” was the chef who created the banquets for the Medici family, and frozen gelato was his most famous creation.

Gelato has been a national treasure in Italy pretty much ever since.  Often described as Italian ice cream, it sort of is and sort of isn’t. It’s made from milk, not cream, and has a denser, heavier texture because not very much air is whipped into it.

But when Talenti was founded as a cafe and gelato shop in Dallas about ten years ago, gelato still wasn’t that widely available around here. The company expanded into selling retail sizes of their gelato at supermarkets several years ago.

Available in the FRESH freezer case, near the traditional ice creams, Talenti stays true to the old-fashioned, Italian philosophy of gelato. It uses like real cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup, and fresh pasteurized milk that contains no growth hormones.  And the delicious flavors, like Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Caribbean Coconut, use really great ingredients, like gourmet Belgian chocolate, whole vanilla beans and authentic Argentine dulce de leche . They even roast their own nuts and make their own nut pastes.

Talenti has also expanded to sorbetto, in refreshing  fruit flavors such as lemon and raspberry.  Naturally fat-free, sorbetto is the Italian name for sorbet, and made without dairy.

All the Talenti flavors come in clear, reclosable one-pint containers, so you can pick up several and offer your guest  a little Italian-flavored dessert buffet. Now, this is what I call living the dolce vita.

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