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From Our Backyard: Beanie’s Black Bean Salsa

As a hot-sauce addict, the salsa aisle at FRESH is like a candy store to me. So much spicy goodness, so little time. My mission is to try every single kind.

But lately I’ve been obsessed with one particular selection: Beanie’s Black Bean Salsa.

Beanie’s also makes some other very good salsas, including a salsa verde and regular tomato salsa in varying degrees of heat.

The black bean salsa, though, is my favorite. It’s really more of a dip, with a smooth consistency that’s just thick enough to perfectly coat a chip. The taste is somewhere between salsa, bean dip and hummus, with hints of garlic and jalapeno kick and plenty of deep tomato flavor, too. It’s not overly hot though; think medium for a Yankee, mildish for most Texans.

There’s more to like about Beanie’s: It’s a small, woman-owned company in Houston, and is part of the Go Texan program, the Texas Department of Agriculture initiative that supports and promotes locally grown, regionally made food.

Also, they use all-natural, traditional ingredients in their hand-made salsas, based on old family recipes. (The company’s founder says she originally started making salsa after marrying and moving to Houston, and never finding a jarred salsa that could measure up to her mom’s.)

And even the rich-tasting bean salsa is naturally fat-free and low in calories. If you’re like me, and can eat half a jar of this stuff in one sitting, that might be the best news of all.

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