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FRESH In: The “Unwine”

The health benefits of red wine – without the alcohol? That’s part of the idea behind a new juice beverage now at FRESH, called PureBlue UnWine.

PureBlue UnWine is pure juice, with no added sugar, no preservatives, and, despite the wine-bottle packaging, absolutely no alcohol. So it’s a good choice for those who prefer not to, or cannot, imbibe. Yes, it’s sweeter than most red wines, but it’s much more complex, and not nearly as sugary, as grape juice. That’s because PureBlue is blended with some of the finest wine grapes, including syrah, merlot and sauvignon blanc. It also contains juice from wild blueberries and black currants.

That combination makes it really rich in antioxidants, including the flavonoids and resveratrol that are found in the skin of wine grapes. Those specific antioxidants are the component of red wine thought to deliver health benefits, including cancer prevention and, possibly, protection against the common cold.

Of course, I also like UnWine because it’s stylish and fun.

It’s a good beverage for entertaining, served on its own in a pretty wine glass, or with a splash of sparkling water for a low-calorie, non-alcoholic and refreshing spritzer. With a minimalist label and packaging that looks just like a red wine bottle, I could see serving this as a fun but sophisticated offering at a baby shower, at book club, or at a dinner party for friends who prefer not to drink alcohol. (Because it’s not as sweet as most juices, it goes well with savory flavors.) Or it would make a great gift for a new or expectant mom.

PureBlue UnWine comes from a Canadian company that also makes all natural juices, under the Pure moniker. Look for it on Aisle 1.