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FRESH In: Hot From The FRESH Chefs

At FRESH, we like to keep your meal options open. So, our chefs always developing new recipes for new dishes to feature in our bakery, chef-prepared market case, and salad, soup and dip bars.

While you’re here enjoying the classes, demos and specials of our Some Like It Hot festival, check out some of our new and recent additions, all with a definitive heat factor:

Juan’s salsa at the dip/salsa bar. Traditional ingredients (jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, cilantro) carefully blended for a bold, traditional salsa good on its own with chips, or with your favorite quesadillas, tacos or enchiladas.

Stuffed poblanos in the chef-prepared case. Mild, meaty poblano peppers stuffed with moist chicken and a blend of cheeses.

Southwest red quinoa saladin the chef-prepared case. If you like our original quinoa salad, featuring the healthy grain with edamame, you should try this one, too.  It’s red quinoa blended with traditional Southwest ingredients like sweet corn kernels, cilantro and fresh bell pepper, in a light, slightly spicy vinaigrette.

Chocolate-dipped jalapeno chips in the pastry case. A kicked-up version of our chocolate-dipped potato chips, this time with spicy jalapeno-flavored chips under that hand-dipped chocolate covering.