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FRESH and Festive: Easier, Greener Entertaining

When it comes to summer entertaining, I have a guilty secret: I really like to use disposable dishes. No, it’s not the “greenest” choice. But, it’s so much easier to pack them into the picnic basket or use them on the patio; no mess to clean up or haul home afterward.

So I’m happy that I have found a responsible, eco-friendly alternative: Verterra disposable dinnerware.

Verterra plates are made from fallen palm leaves that would otherwise be burned. The only other ingredient is water.  (They are made with a special process that uses steam to compact the leaves into a hard, durable plate shape.)

Verterra dinnerware has no lacquer or other finish that could leach into your food. So not only are these plates 100 percent bio-degradable, 100 percent renewable,  and 100 percent compostable, they are natural and non-toxic.

At the same time, they are sturdy and strong, and can stand up to a hefty steak or a drippy helping of pasta salad. Plus, unlike many other disposable plates, they can handle hot foods, can be used in the microwave, and even in the oven.

And did I mention they’re cute? A fashionable square shape, in a pale finish, these add a fun beachy, outdoorsy touch to your cookout, but they’re stylish enough that some guests won’t guess they’re disposable. They come in dinner size and in a smaller size perfect for dessert, salad, or a child’s meal. Find them at FRESH with our other paper products.