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From Our Backyard: Wackym’s Wonderful Cookies

Wackym’s Kitchen makes the perfect tiny indulgences: Little crisp two-bite cookies, rich with real butter and sugar, in addicting flavors like margarita (lime with just a hint of sea salt) and salted caramel.

Problem for me is, I can’t stop at one. Or, to be perfectly honest, three. Cookies from Wackym’s Kitchen, baked in Dallas, are just that good.

The recipes come straight from owner Paul Wackym, who knows a little bit about cookies and treats. For years, he oversaw development of the fabulous sweets and gift baskets at Neiman-Marcus. (Among his achievements: He retooled and re-branded the l Neiman-Marcus cookie, taking marketing advantage of the old urban-legend of the $250 Neiman-Marcus chocolate chip cookie.)

Wackym always baked as a personal hobby. But a few years ago, after leaving NM, he decided he wanted to launch his own company.

He always loved little cookies, a preference that started when he was a kid, and learned that if you didn’t eat those powdered-sugar Mexican wedding cookies in one bite, you’d end up with telltale white sugar everywhere. As an adult baking for holiday parties, he’d been making little vanilla snickerdoodle cookies, small enough that they could be eaten in a bite or two. (“So people wouldn’t drop them and make a mess,” he says.)

So he developed a series of intense cookie flavors, all made with real butter, cane sugar, natural flavorings and no preservatives, and all baked as crisp, bite-size rounds. He first sold them at the farmer’s market in Dallas. Now they’re available at gourmet and specialty markets too, including FRESH.

Wackym still oversees the cookie-baking and packing himself, in his small facility in Dallas. His most popular flavor is the salted caramel, perfect with coffee or a cup of tea. His personal favorite is the cornmeal rosemary, a delicately sweet cookie that he suggests pair nicely with strong cheese like gorgonzola or blue.

For now, other flavors include chocolate snickerdoodle, ginger orange and lemon, but he’s always dreaming of new flavors he could add. One that came to him while handing out cookie samples at FRESH a few weeks ago: Tyler rose. I, for one, can’t wait to taste that one.