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From Our Backyard: Good as Gold: Brothers Gold BBQ Sauce

More than 20 years ago, Barry King, his two brothers and his dad held a little barbecue contest, just for bragging rights. Barry King’s sauce won. Lucky for him, and us, he remembered to write the recipe down.

For years, he made the sauce just for family and friends.  People loved it. One friend was so addicted he dubbed it “gold” sauce, apparently because he hoarded it just like a precious metal.

A corporate executive in Fort Worth, King didn’t consider himself a chef. But he did know a good thing when he tasted it. And as a marketing expert – he was the Radio Shack executive behind those Howie Long/Teri Hatcher ads years ago – he understood how a great story could help sell a great product. So a few years ago, after leaving his corporate job, he decided to test the market for the sauce.

Again, lucky for us. Partnering with his brother Darryl King, a chef, Barry King formed Brothers Sauces, based in Fort Worth. And today, they sell not only Barry’s original Brothers Gold barbecue sauce, but two newer varieties and a family-secret dessert sauce.

Made right in the Metroplex, all the sauces are 100 percent Texan, and have been certified as Go Texan products by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Each has a distinct flavor:

Brothers Gold BBQ sauce: The original. Thick, rich, with a distinctive Texas twang attributed to mesquite.

Brothers Heat sauce: Sweet plus heat; chef Darryl developed this for chicken wings but it’s also great on pork.

Brothers Mustard sauce: This one uses spicy brown mustard for a twist on the yellow-mustard sauces popular in the Carolinas.

Granny’s Brown Suga: Based on the dessert sauce created by the Kings’ great-great-grandmother, Georgia Quarles, this deeply sweet sauce is decadent on gingerbread, pound cake, bread pudding or ice cream.

You’ll find the barbecue sauces in our sauce and condiments aisle; look for the dessert sauces on a freestanding shelf near the ice cream freezers.

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